We organize and manage public auctions and are also authorized to conduct auctions of the armed forces and police. We are one of the largest transport and equipment companies in the Gulf. We are proud of the confidence of Al Sahraa Customers who have previously dealt with us in managing the sale of their vehicles, equipment, and scrap in public auctions. We conduct consistent auctions in a professional manner and according to the nature and type of assets as per the market situation. In order to ensure accuracy and transparency our qualified team utilizes their mental and physical energies for the success of the auctions. We are responsible for organizing with the highest international and local standards, in a way that achieves the aspirations and hopes of our customers, and we aspire to provide this service to all those interested in buying and selling as the best means of modern sale. 

  • Selling vehicles, equipment, and scrap in a record time.
  • Get the highest return.
  • Selling vehicles, equipment, and hard-to-evaluate scrap.
  • Early Termination of Partnership.
  • Bringing together the most seriously interested parties at a specific time.
  • Transparency in presenting offers and demand.

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