Al Sahraa Metal Industries

We own the Al Sahara Factory for Metal Industries for Iron and Steel, headquartered in Abu Dhabi, Mussafah region, in support of the development process that our beloved country is witnessing in the industrial sector, achieving a prosperous and sustainable industrial future in production, and supporting the national economy, the "Make in the Emirates" initiative, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution program "Industry 4.0" that promotes and supports development in light of the objectives and principles of the fifty and the determinants of the UAE Centennial 2071, according to the vision of the wise leadership, as we work to raise the level of competitiveness of the national industrial product in foreign markets.

It works on the implementation of all metal works by producing (iron, stainless steel, and aluminum). We work as a strategic partner for the Ministry of Defense / General Command of the Armed Forces and for some government departments and agencies, to which we provide the following services:

  • Designing and manufacturing of protection nets for all machines and equipments used by armed forces.
  • Making of necessary amendments on containers on request (warehouses, operation chambers, accommodations, officers, medical warehouses etc).
  • Manufacturing anti-fire doors of strategic warehouses.
  • Manufacturing fixed armed or light objects and platforms for checking of the turrets.
  • Manufacturing different types of security fences.

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